Christmas Offering

Thank you for all the generous gifts to the 2017 Christmas Offering! The total collected was $46,122!!!!

This giving opportunity was to be ABOVE AND BEYOND your regular giving. Our goal for 2017 was to reach a total of $30,000 and WCC overwhelmed us with their generosity crushing our goal and providing a total gift of $46,122!!!

The offering will be split between the following:

  • Jireh India Missions | $5,000

    Jireh India Missions is taking the love of Christ and sharing it throughout the surrounding community in Kudikadu, India. Between their orphanage, tailoring program for widows, work at a leper colony, and after school programs, they are impacting hundreds of lives on a weekly basis. One of their recent projects has been the start of a bakery that provides baked goods for their orphanage, another orphanage, the leper colony, and they also sell it from 10 stores. This is a self-sustaining ministry due to the sales and they are in need of a delivery vehicle to take the baked goods to even more stores so that this ministry can grow and they will be able to impact even more people with the gospel. For $5,000 we can provide this truck for them and let this ministry flourish even more.

  • High Hill Christian Camp | $10,000

    High Hill Christian Camp helps to changes lives of children and teens throughout this area with wonderful summer camps as well as hosting retreats throughout the year to provide a secluded environment where people can experience God in a unique way. They recently purchased a new tractor to help with all the maintenance and work that happens around the camp to make sure their facilities are the best that they can offer. With $10,000 still owed on this tractor, we can help them to pay it off so that their funds can go to develop more opportunities for ministry to happen at the camp.

  • Wentzville Christian Preschool | $15,000+

    We desire to ignite a passion for Jesus, the Bible, the Church and Others to the next generation and to equip them academically to serve Him!  In order to open our preschool next August, several upgrades are needed. The plan is to upgrade our security on campus to protect the little ones, install a playground out back, purchase some additional furniture and other supplies needed.