Barring a weather emergency when MoDOT declares that we are NOT ALLOWED to drive, we will always seek to have at least 1 service on Sunday morning. (This is different than advising people not to drive.)

Because forecasts are often wrong (sorry weather person), we will do our best to discern between what is on the ground and the reported forecast to make the right decision. Obviously God is in control! Please use common sense on your own ability to travel safely. If you don’t feel comfortable driving, stay home and check to see if the service is available online.

Decision Process:

  • By 7pm on Saturday, the church leadership will communicate a decision

    • PLAN A - Both 9:00am and 10:30am services will continue as scheduled*

    • PLAN B - Only one service will be held, most likely the 10:30am service

    • PLAN C - No services on campus, however an online stream or recording of the message may be available that morning on Facebook or WCC website

      (*Note that you will not receive an email or phone call if the current decision is                  PLAN  A. The website and Facebook may be updated to communicate PLAN A.)

  • By 7am on Sunday, the church leadership may make an updated decision

    • An updated decision will only happen if there is a more aggressive decision, and will not go backwards. For example, if PLAN B has already been communicated, the updated decision would not go backwards to PLAN A.

Notification Process:

  • We will notify our congregation and community by the following means:

    • EMAIL - An email will be sent to the households of members and attenders

    • WEBSITE - Go to to get information regarding services

    • FACEBOOK - A post will be generated to inform our congregation and community

    • PHONE - Outgoing voicemail will be changed to reflect decision 636-327-6622

      • Phone calls will be made to those we are aware of that do not have an email listed in our database

    • KSDK - Information will be posted, but it may take a while for KSDK to update their database

      • The system will only allow us to input start times or a full cancellation

        • PLAN A will display as “Opens at 9:00am”

        • PLAN B will display as “Opens at 10:30am”

        • PLAN C will display as “Closed Sunday”